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Upcoming Webinars

On April 26th at noon EST, I will host a webinar to illustrate a number of the new and key features that make CoolSim a market leader. Attendees of this webinar will learn how CoolSim can be used to quickly model various data center designs to determine the key parameters and issues related to cooling performance and reliability.  

Topics covered will include:
  • AutoCad and/or Visio import. How to get geometry defined and brought into CoolSim
  • Quickly setting up the necessary parameters to make meaningful CFD simulations. 
  • Rapidly creating ducts and diffusers for modeling overhead ducted supply designs.
  • Quickly setting up VFD's using either pressure, temperature, or both.
  • Analyzing results using the CoolSim output reports.
  • Sharing CoolSim output reports with non-CoolSim users. 
For those who might be using another CFD modeling tool, this webinar is a great opportunity to see how CoolSim can save you significant time and money. For existing CoolSim users, this webinar will improve your productivity and modeling building knowledge.

We hope to see you online Friday April 26th at 12 noon EST for our "Have you Seen CoolSim Latey? webinar.


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