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For Data Center Operators

CoolSim is an ideal tool for IT or Data Center Managers interested in performing occasional simulations to determine the best location for cooling and IT equipment. CoolSim is very easy to use and does not require specialized training. more..

For Engineering Firms

CoolSim is the best tool on the market for the analysis and design refinement of data centers. CoolSim combines an easy to use, quick to learn user environment with the power of cloud computing to deliver the best price/performance solution in the market more..



CoolSim - Data center CFD Modeling Software for Airflow Thermal Management

If you are a data center design engineer, or a data center operator, then CoolSim is the right choice for all your airflow and design optimization needs. Unlike other modeling tools, CoolSim was specifically designed to overcome many of the drawbacks to traditional "stand-alone" modeling solutions. By taking advantage of new advances in cloud computing and 'Software as a Service' technologies, CoolSim is positioned to be the right choice for data center engineers and operators.        

Product Strategy

CoolSim 5 Overview