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Why CoolSim?

The CoolSim Data Center Thermal Modeling System is built to offer data center managers, IT professionals, and engineers a CFD Airflow Modeling Tool for rapidly accessing "what-if" alternatives of equipment selection, placement, and room configurations on new and existing Data Centers. 

Why Choose CoolSim?

  • CoolSim offers support from airflow modeling experts with over 25 years of in-depth data center industry knowledge and experience. The CoolSim team represents some of the most extensive experience in the industry in all aspects of airflow modeling and CFD. 
  • CoolSim’s unique subscription fee structure allows users to purchase only the software and capacity necessary to perform the required number of simulations, yet have access to the full capability and support resources of the CoolSim solution. 
  • The CoolSim subscription includes the cost of the server, resulting in a much lower cost of ownership than other competing solutions. CoolSim users have access to a cloud based HPC cluster for performing multiple complex simulations.

Building Your Model

  • CoolSim models are created using an easy-to-use model builder interface that requires no prior knowledge of airflow modeling.  The CoolSim model builder can be loaded onto multiple PC's and run from any location. Models are built using a library driven catalog of components allowing users to search for objects based on a variety of parameters such as manufacturers names, model numbers, or performance characteristics. 
  • CoolSim Airflow Modeling Solutions are based on ANSYS Fluent CFD (computational fluid dynamics) technology, the most advanced and widely used commercial simulation software in the world used by eight of the Fortune 10 companies for designing everything from spacecraft to Formula One racing vehicles. The result is predictable, accurate solutions you can trust. 

Running Your Simulation

  • The ability to run multiple concurrent simulations using our secure HPC state-of-the-art computing cluster, offloads complex processing from occupying capacity on your internal compute resources and allows multiple design alternative simulations to be run simultaneously. 
  • Visual representations are provided of room airflow patterns and temperature distributions, plenum airflow patterns and pressure distributions, and flow distribution through tiles 
  • Build models on a laptop anywhere in the world, even on an airplane, and upload models for simulation from anywhere high speed internet access is available. 
  • All simulations are monitored by scripts that notify support personnel in the case of failure. CoolSim support is provided 7x24 to users to pro-actively determine the cause of simulation failure and correct the issues. Users are not required to contact support, or transfer files to support.

Generating Your Report

  • A Data Center model assessment report summarizes model specifications, evaluates airflow and thermal loads in the data center, and warns the user if the airflow rate and/or cooling capacity of the airflow are not adequate 
  • A comprehensive cooling audit report with detailed analysis of CRAC, rack, and tile airflow performance in HTML form  can be imported into spreadsheets to be shared with others to help make critical decisions on how to set up a new data center or revamp an existing site to alleviate cooling problems. To view an example of the CoolSim output report, please following the directions below:
  1. Download and install the CoolSim 3D Results Viewer.

  2. Download and unzip the following result files. Please note, these result files will only be viewable with Internet Explorer (IE)

  1. Open the Data Center Report.html file in IE and the entire set of results should display as shown below: