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For Facilities Operators

A data center model can be built quickly using CoolSim's library of common data center equipment. Equipment objects can be dragged and dropped into place in the data center model and adjusted as needed with object editors. Tools are available to line up objects and make sure the model is set up correctly with enough airflow and cooling to meet the demands of the IT equipment. If objects are poorly positioned or the predicted cooling falls short, warnings are issued.

Once the model is built, the user can submit it to the CoolSim Simulation Facility for automatic meshing, solving, and postprocessing. The user is notified when the job is complete, and can then downloads the results to the local computer for viewing. The numerical ouput reports can be imported into an excel spreadsheet and the output graphics can be saved to standard file formats such as PNG, JPEG, and TIFF.

CoolSim Model Builder Environment

Non rasied floor data centers can be modeled in CoolSim

CoolSim can model non-raised floor data centers